Idaho 5G
Your Hybrid Wireless Fiber Internet Service Provider

Faster connections using Idaho 5G's hybrid wireless fiber optic infrastructure.  Idaho 5G, a local Boise Internet service provider, offers Quick Links that can normally get you up and running in days instead of months. Local business and whole building packages are now available. 

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    About Us

    Faster Connections

    Idaho 5G offers faster connections

    Less time waiting more productivity

    Experienced Staff

    Experienced staff and support to help

    Competitive Pricing

    Idaho 5G delivers fast, reliable Internet service with competitive pricing. 


    Hybrid Wireless Fiber

    Idaho 5G offers hybrid wireless fiber solutions up to 10 Gbs. 

    Fast, Reliable, Secure

    You Idaho 5G hybrid wireless fiber connection is fast, reliable & secure.

    Tech Support

    24/7 tech support

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    Idaho 5G

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